Anderson on PCDaily

Maine’s Suzanne Anderson (Yikes Studio) warms the weather with the bright colors in her winter collection.

Anderson on PCDaily

Assembling the blue and aqua links requires multiple bakings (see her baking method here). Then seed beads add a finishing note.

Suzanne finishes the inside of her bangles with contrasting patterns and highlights the bracelets with rhinestones surrounded by polymer bits.

Anderson on PCDaily

If you need more heat, look at her fiesta colors and shop in her Etsy gallery. Just dive in anywhere on her site to be fully immersed in color. Here she is on Facebook (and you’ll want to browse her Pinterest too).

Suzanne admits that she likes all things fashion and is happy to mix metal clay, enameling, seed beads, fiber and more with her polymer.

  • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

    Thanks for this post:D And for the link to the galleries and baking methods! These are beautiful!

    • reply Candice Bishop ,

      Her Fiesta set rocks my socks. I’m such a fan of bright colors that I can never resist something like that. Great work, Suzanne!

      • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

        I love it all! The designs are simple yet innovative, the colors ZING! me like crazy. The oranges in particular. Suzanne, I especially love your deep and rich palette and your sense of fun and joy. Fiesta on!

        • reply Jeannie Havel ,

          What a coincidence. I just saw a piece by this artist for the first time last night, and now here she is on PCD!! There is a bracelet of hers on an online auction. Her colors are POW!!

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