Polymer fantasy beads

McGuire on PCDaily

North Carolina’s Barbara McGuire has posted her polymer fairies, butterflies, bees and other fantasy women beads. Barbara says that, “I did a search for fairy beads on ebay – and there were 2500 listings! Butterfly beads 22500 listings! Guess I am not the only one who likes fairies and butterflies!”

McGuire on PCDaily

Barbara’s beads may be the most ethereal and fantastical, however.

She layers flora and fauna cane slices on top of her distinctive mokume gane. She’s added another how-to tutorial video that explains her methods on her YouTube channel.

Barbara has flitted like a butterfly around the polymer community for more years than she’ll probably admit. You can catch up with her on Facebook and Flickr (and ebay, of course).

  • reply Alison ,

    These are beautiful – so well made. Thank you Barbara for your wonderful YouTube tutorials. I sculpt in clay but am always mystified by cane work. Your how-to videos are much appreciated!

    • reply Trina Williams ,

      I have always loved Barbara’s faces. I think she was one of the first to incorporate the translucent clays. After a face cane demo at one of the early Ravensdale’s she gave me an inch of cane. That is when I started paying attention to making very “thin” slices.

      • reply Barbara McGuire ,

        Cynthia, No matter how much I’ve been published, or taught, or made products, or sold beads on Etsy – it doesn’t compare to the encouragement of being featured on your site. There is something for eveyone, thank you. And yes – those gray hairs aren’t from doing polymer……..polymer is what makes me young again!

        • reply jo ross ,

          I absolutely love all of her work. I just bought 2 of her fabulous pendants featuring bees. So gorgeous!

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