Mother lode of polymer

Pero on PCDaily

Texas’ Nora Pero likes to bead around her polymer creations, using them as focal pieces. She hit the motherlode of imitation stone beads when she tried Lynda Moseley’s new tutorial. Nora says she’s obsessed. See more of her beaded results on Etsy.

Nora can make her cabochons any shape and color she wants, imitating natural stone or creating her own reality. Just look at the supply she made for herself as soon as she read the instructions.

Pero on PCDaily

Here are Lynda’s samples. She often turns her versions into turquoise-like mosaics.

If you’re a rock hound like me this tutorial could save you time. Let’s enjoy some experimenting this weekend.

Deadline reminder

Remember this awards competition you thought about entering? You have a few days left to fill out the online application, submit your photos and feel good about checking off another goal on your 2014 list.

  • reply Sheila Willert ,

    Oh my, after seeing that artistry I had to go peek at tutorial that allowed this piece to be made. I just bought this tutorial…now I wish I did not have to go to work. I want to stay home and CLAY! Thanks for the great inspiration. Love this necklace. WOW.

    • reply Rebecca Watkins ,

      Her cabochons turned out lovely but I am far more impressed by her seeming lack of a need for sleep! From her flickr pages, it appears she packs 48 hours of clay making into every day!

      • reply Marian Hertzog ,

        Thanks for posting here every day! I always get some inspiration from stopping by. Love this work ! I just bought the tutorial too! I am just getting started with bead embroidery and have sold some cabochons. This is going to be fun!

        • reply Lynda Moseley ,

          Good morning, Cynthia! Thank you for featuring Nora’s exquisite beading work today. I a awed by what she has done with my new tutorial. I just wanted to mention those are all Nora’s beads and focals in the second photo, not mine, although I had to look twice myself! I thought they were mine, too!

          Congratulations, Nora!

          • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

            Nora’s work is consistently amazing–not only is she a fabulous polymer artist, but her metal work and beading are to die for. When you consider that this busy gal has a full time job, the sheer output of her creativity is mind boggling–and all this on top of serving as president and frequent presenting artist of the Austin Polymer Clay Guild, and an officer of the Austin Bead Society too. I am delighted to have some of her works in my personal collection, and this is recognition long deserved….go Nora!

            • reply Barbara McGuire ,

              Great post Cynthia – I am going to share this with William Holland Lapidary school where I teach full week classes in polymer (they also have beading classes). They are all ‘rock hounds’ and sometimes they ask me – what ‘stone’ is that! The beading is awesome – Nora, you have it going on!

              • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

                Adore stones and always have, especially crystals! Always mix my PC focals with semi-precious, root around for the latest things out and upgrade in quality whenever possible. I saw Lynda’s tutorial in Etsy a couple months ago and have it floating around my head to purchase and try. Even with using real stones, I love the idea of making “my own”, especially for sculpts. The possibilities are obviously endless. And, since I love fantasy, who says I can’t make a real stone a little more fantastic? Congratulations to you both…Lydia and Nora…for your outstanding work. Once again I am totally inspired by All you Ladies…what is new about that?!

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