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Blackburn on PCDaily

London’s Carol Blackburn knows how to slim down. Not weightwise (she’s already trim) but stepwise. There are a few people in our community who know how to streamline patterns and translate a complex design into a few strategic steps. You’ve probably seen her ingenious Shell designs pictured below. Her book has been published in four languages.

Blackburn on PCDaily

She teaches a slew of classes about her methods. I took a class from her and came away with a hassle-free way to inlay a new bowl. Her efficiency comes from years working in knitting and high fashion where time is money.

Carol’s teaching some of her pattern tricks at a weekend workshop in Santa Fe in February at Penina Meisel’s studio and they have a few seats left. Here’s more of her work on Pinterest.

  • reply Bennie ,

    Beautiful creations!

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      LOVE the beads — simply gorgeous!

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        Carol’s book pretty much tops my list of recommendations for both newbies and seasoned clayers alike–densely packed with information couched a brilliantly clear layout, I consider it a stable in my library.

        • reply Tory Hughes ,

          Great to see Carol’s work again! She is a brilliant artmaking strategist, as you describe. After co-teaching with her last year, at our excellent ‘Take Two’ workshop here in Santa Fe, she impressed me even more with her balance of direct, innovative action and very careful technical approaches. Take this class if you can!

          • reply Deb Hart ,

            Carol’s work is always outstanding! These beads are just gorgeous!!! Gratz Carol!

            • reply Kopila Basnet and Wendy Moore ,

              We have Carol’s book in our office and hope that one day she develops a passion for trekking in Nepal and swings by to visit us some time! Those featured beads at the top of this post are simply SUMPTUOUS! Her Sante Fe workshop will be fabulous! Have a wonderful time all you lucky folks who go!

              • reply Kopila Basnet and Wendy Moore ,

                And Cynthia, that bowl is drop dead gorgeous too!!

                • reply Carol Blackburn ,

                  Many thanks for the comments. Cynthia, you made my day and rainy London seemed a whole lot brighter! See you in Malta.

                  • reply Nancy Ulrich ,

                    Carol’s designs frequently look impossibly complex. But there’s always an underlying simplicity and order there. ~Nancy

                    • reply claire maunsell ,

                      Carol’s book was the first polymer book I every bought. It’s fabulous! Take a jump into it when you feel a little low on inspiration: I guarantee you will find a springboard to a new journey for yourself on almost every page…..

                      • reply Carol Blackburn ,

                        Thanks for the new comments. Cynthia, thanks again and have a very happy birthday on Friday 31st. I’m singing you ‘Happy Birthday’ as I type! Perhaps you can hear me?

                        • reply Carol Blackburn ,

                          Cynthia, I think I was a day late, sorry but hope you had a good one anyway.

                        • reply Loïs ,

                          Amazing !!!

                          • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

                            This book is on my Amazon “wish list”. Considering the stunning photos here…as well as the high-end recommendations…I think I will move it to My Cart. Just adore the necklace and earrings set. That zowie! orange just zings to me!

                            • reply Collaborative clock | Polymer Clay Daily ,

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