Collaborative clock

Blackburn/Hughes on PCDaily

It may take you a while to see the clock in this picture. The red dots on the heap of black and white patterns provide the clues.

Carol Blackburn made some of the polymer designs and then taught Tory Hughes. Tory combined her own black and white layers with Carol’s to build this sculpture/clock. “Movement feeds my spirit and nourishes my psyche,” Tory¬†admits.

“It’s a great challenge with Carol’s patterned skins because I respond like everyone else: they are so gorgeous as a sheet of stunningly precise pattern and color that I don’t want to cut them up either! But part of why Carol and I work so well together is that the creative threshold is different for the maker versus the viewer,” Tory explains.

The two collaborators will teach their unique magic tricks on June 26-28 in Santa Fe, NM, as the next step in their Take Two series. This one’s called Take Two, Moving Along. Learn to build stunning patterns (Carol) and turn them into sculptural fabrications (Tory)!

Read more about Tory’s recent experiments with sculpture and motion here. See some of Carol’s precise patterns here and here and on Pinterest.

  • reply Carol Blackburn ,

    I’m chuffed to bits (meaning really really pleased) to be featured here with my poly pal, Tory. Thank you Cynthia. In the Moving Along workshop things will move, wiggle, rotate and more! Roll on to June!

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Absolutely awesome post, wonderful work and fun project. I did a clock when I first started with pc in 1996. They are way too cool.
      Super post Cynthia.

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