This is the way Albuquerque’s Barb Fajardo rolls. She gathers thin striped polymer snakes into a bunch and suspends them from a ball chain to make a fashion statement.

She’s also adept at rolling snakes from bits of Skinner blend and then forming them into sinewy floral earrings and pendants. Barb hunts for bargains on bamboo placemats that she disassembles.

She builds her earrings on the salvaged bamboo tiles using the Skinner snakes in a southwest palette and adding texture and paint to the polymer leaves and blossoms.

Fajardo on PCDaily

On her Facebook page you can see the way she’s found to imitate knitting with her rolled Skinner bits. The snake shape suits her so well that Barb can’t help but explore its design possibilities.

Do you make a shape that feels like it’s all yours? Have you explored it fully?

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    Barb’s work is always fresh and surprising—I love her take on the faux knit for her bangles, a perfect blend of color and texture.

    • reply Liz Stefano ,

      Love how something so simple looks so beautiful….

      • reply barb fajardo ,

        Oh my! 🙂 thank you for the feature Cynthia. I’m working at Yucca Art Gallery today and I’m just now seeing this. You are the bomb! Thanks for all the likes and comments here and on Facebook too…xo to all!

        • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

          Love the easy, swinging style of those earrings…the green/eggplant being my very favorite. But I adore the pendants, too. Unusual shape, reminds me of Japanese style lacquered “things” (lol!) for some reason. Very, very beautiful! Congratulations for being featured, Barb!

          • reply Sandra D. ,

            Fantastic work and easy to do.

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