Lehmann on PCDaily

If your winter has been as snowy as ours, you’ll sigh to see these signs of spring from Germany’s Jana Lehmann. Examine her Calyx series of pendants as well.

These polymer Flower Vases are brooches with flowers rendered in her inimitable graphic style. Her Facebook film shows her progression with polymer over the past few years.

Lehmann on PCDaily

Now she’s teaching workshops and has written a new book available in March. The best overview of Jana’s work is on Flickr and you can still sneak a look at her blog here.

The brightness of her palette seems to melt the snow. Have a warm weekend.

  • reply Sharon Robinson ,

    Do you know if her book will also come out in English Cynthia?

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      I saw these last week and just squealed with delight–Jana’s work brightens the greyest day.

      • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

        Immediately loved them, Jana. They take me back to first grade school days, with Spring showers and beautiful flowers just beginning to show their brilliant buds and leaves. But I especially love the pieces you have on your blog showing the flaring technique. You have a truly unique way with colors and shapes. Congratulations on being featured on PCD!

        • reply Carol Blackburn ,

          Jana is teaching 2 workshops for the London group this weekend. On Saturday we’re using black and white but Sunday it’ll be colour, colour and more colour. I can’t wait!

          • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

            I’ve loved her work for AGES and tomorrow I get to meet her! Squeeeeeeeeee!

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