Treasure chests from Malta

No time or bandwidth for captions but you may enjoy these passing glimpses of polymer finery at EuroSynergy in Malta. Winners of the exhibition will be uploaded soon.

  • reply Marlene Brady ,

    ooooooooo, treasures indeed! Thanks for the peek; this is such a treat. I love seeing all the exquisite polymer clay jewelry and how they are worn.

    • reply carole ,

      I love how unique each piece is!

      • reply Lyn ,

        Totally awesome!!! I love all the diversity, color and skill!

        • reply Pam ,

          Wow, such talent.

          • reply Kathy ,

            I love to see the necklaces worn. What a treat- no captions needed!

            • reply Klavdija ,

              Cynthia I’m so glad that I had opportunity to meet you!!! You are great! One big hug in huge THANKS just for you my dear!

              • reply Pïnklily (Sandrine Arevalo) ,

                Thank you very much, Cynthia, for publishing my necklace !
                It was a pleasure to meet you in Malta !
                Kind regards.

                • reply Pïnklily (Sandrine Arevalo) ,

                  Oh sorry, I see two of my necklaces ! the pink-flower with a Hummingbird and the blue-circles ! thanks ! 😉

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