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Georg Dinkel’s I-reliquaries and shrines captured the hearts of the EuroSynergy audience in Malta. A long time photographer, Georg’s first shrine housed his daughter’s ipod.

The shrines grew bigger and more complex. His latest elaborate creations won best of show honors in the IPCA Awards challenge.

Georg grew up surrounded by both religion and architecture in Germany. Using polymer, salvaged materials and wood he began building ancient-looking constructions that pay homage to today’s important icons – namely Apple products.

Georg’s presentation at Malta was stunning, amusing and inspirational. He makes his own tools from what must be an amazing basement full of odds and sods. His extruder was fashioned from an outdoor spigot handle, a length of pipe, a long screw, and a metal washer. His iphone shrine was built over the skeleton of a lamp salvaged from the trash.

He plans to edit his Malta presentation into an online video that he’ll upload to his site in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can see his winning entry here. In this silly photo Donna Greenberg crowns the ever-irreverant Dinkel with her polymer tiara.

The other top winners include Fran Abrams, Laurie Mika, Angela Garrod, Cornelia Brockstedt, Annie Pennington, Penne Mobley, Claire Fairweather, Joyce Cloutman and Emily Squires Levine. The winning works are posted here.

  • reply mary hargrave ,

    Ok I made my first shrine, but I can see I have to keep on working at it…how inspirational

    • reply donna Greenberg ,

      Inspiring work all around! The bar has been raised and raised again. Congrats to all participants and winners!

      • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

        Georg’s presentation was amazing as well as his seminar about photographing. He has an amazing sense of humor. I admire his endless patience and determination needed to construct those beautiful shrines.
        Congratulations to all winners, their pieces are really special.

        • reply Annie Pennington ,

          It’s such an honor to be included in the Best of Jewelry category! Thank you to the jurors!

          • reply Marjon ,

            Georg’s presentation was fun! He is making ART!!! I love him and his work!

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