Navel gazing polymer

Cormier on PCDaily

Dan Cormier has been unveiling the 27 pins entered in the Broken Internet Project that he presented at EuroSynergy. The pin at the right by Dan is what got the ball rolling.

Each participant reintrepreted his design as it mutated from artist to artist.

Dan’s original concept referred to two landscapes, one rural and one urban, bisected by a bold zigzag. The jagged stripe represented energy as well as a split, maybe a broken heart. Several of the artists clearly picked up on the theme and some saw it differently. Read all about the project on Flickr and on their Facebook page.

Cormier on PCDaily

Dan and Tracy will be teaching at Master Class Camp in Maryland in July. This mysterious piece is from the Form and Finish: Bare Essentials class.

No matter how long you study this smooth polymer belly-button shape, its construction looks impossible. Dan’s specific methods for finishing right from the start could make all the difference in your work. See the list of classes here.

  • reply Barbara McGuire ,

    Dan has continually impressed with the perfection of his work. But it’s not perfection – it’s intention. He made a lasting impression on my entire career with one class. The whole process is beautiful, almost meditative. Time invested is well spent and although polymer has the temptation for instant gratification, Dan really embraces the meaning of craftsmanship and its’ reward. Thanks Dan!

    • reply Dan Cormier ,

      These are truly humbling words, especially coming from you. Love you Bra-bra! 🙂

    • reply Dixie Ann Scott ,

      I really admire Dan’s work. He is an exceptional artist whose designs, perceptions and colors really explore and expand this wonderful craft. Living in the Midwest leaves so many of us unreachable to so many wonderful artists.

      • reply Dan Cormier ,

        Thank you, Dixie Ann. I really appreciate your comment. We’ve never taught in the Midwest but we’d love to.

      • reply JL ,

        I wish i could take ALL these classes, so much to learn, great teachers all.
        I have taken online classes with some of these teachers, would love to take all offered here.

        IF you can take at least one, you will be amazed at what you learn and the next levels your work moves up to.

        • reply Dan Cormier ,

          Cynthia, thank you so much for shining your ‘Daily’ light on my project and the amazing work that was made for it by some of Europe’s most gifted artists: Some are more established, and others are just starting to flutter. Factoring in where they were born, and where they live now (often different) more than 25 countries are represented in this collection. Just like your book, Global Perspectives, and the work that Anke Humpert presented at last year’s Synergy, The Broken Internet Project continues to celebrate our European brothers and sisters, who are creating some of the most exciting work in our medium today. I’ve been truly inspired. I hope others are too.

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