Bahana on PCDaily

Neat and tidy stripes from Israel’s Vicka Bahana start the week. She leaves a segment of contrasting base bead peeking out from under the striped cane slices.

With just that slight surprise, an otherwise plain bead gets a whole new outlook.

Her Bengal bracelet gains a sophisticated touch from the curved corner beads with their shiny end caps.

Bahana on PCDaily

Vicka sells her work on Etsy and Marmelada. You can find her on Facebook too.

Could your work benefit from a slight change or a hint of surprise?

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  • reply Ali ,

    The strong graphic elements of these pieces are really cool, especially combined with the bold colors.

    “Could your work benefit from a slight change or a hint of surprise?” I think so. I’m better at getting a hint of surprise in my photography, I think, but I’m always trying to incorporate different changes in my polymer & jewelry.

    Got to keep mixing things up, or else it just gets stale.

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