Cormic_Isola on PCDaily

Caroline Cornic-Isola (KlickArt) was first featured on PCD only a couple of weeks ago and already she’s captivated us again, this time with monsters.

She offers some pictures of her process that involves drawing and texturing on raw clay then coloring with markers on fired clay.

The washers and nuts that she uses as accent beads on the robot pendant repeat the mechanical theme. 

Cormic-Isola on PCDaily

Caroline loves to draw and she’s just gotten started at drawing on polymer. You’ll want follow along on her Facebook page (that’s the only place I could find her) and see where she takes these monsters and the process.

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    When I look at PCD, I know I’ll find something fresh and different. And so it is with these adorable little monster. I love how painterly her technique looks, truly a step forward in the art of polymer clay. Way to go, Caroline!

    • reply Jan Montarsi ,

      I so love these – I must have looked that it 100 times and showed it to everyone – more Please !!

      • reply Sandra ,

        I will like to take yours classes.

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