Perova on PCDaily

London’s Olga Perova formed this 9″ x 7″ x 3″ polymer vase, adding decoration later. She treats the surface as her canvas, painting, carving and applying patterns to the openwork structure.

Perova on PCDaily

While Olga dabbles in jewelry, it’s clear that she’s most at home with larger forms where she can tell a bigger story. See Olga’s work on Flickr, Facebook and Etsy.

What format feels best for your art?

  • reply Claire Maunsell ,

    Go Olga! SO talented….I had the good fortune to me Olga in Germany recently. These pieces are lovely!

    • reply Olga ,

      Thank you very much Claire for warm words for my work.
      And thank you for sharing your experience with us at your workshop. I was very glad to attend it.

    • reply Carol Blackburn ,

      Great to see your vessels featured, Olga. If you’re coming to LPCG clay day on 28th do bring one of them for the ‘show & tell’ table!

      • reply Olga ,

        Thanks a lot Carol. Unfortunately I will not come for this meeting, maybe next time ^)

      • reply Aniko Kolesnikova ,

        Well done Olga!!! Congratulations!

        • reply Olga ,

          Thank you dear!

        • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

          Stunning! Just stunning.

          • reply Olga ,

            Thank you very much!

          • reply Carole Monahan ,

            These are just yummy ! I love her bold choice in colors!

            • reply Olga ,

              Many, many thanks 🙂 I am glad you like my work

            • reply Felicia Stevenson ,

              These are beautiful! I just love the colors, reminds me of melted wax. Great job!

              • reply Olga ,

                Thank you very much for noticing and displaying my work on PCD.
                I understand that as an encouragement to continue my development in this direction 🙂

                • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                  adds new meaning to the phrase “go big….:)

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