Goodrich on PCDaily
Goodrich on PCDaily

Holiday times remind us that polymer is fun for whimsical, silly art made with a wink and a smile. Tina Goodrich (Handmade Mom) turns ballpoint pens into carrots, corn, asparagus or pickles.

When Halloween comes around this California artist tops pens with spiders or ghosts or wraps them into mummies. She breathes new life into an old project.

She likes to play and you can play along with her on Etsy, Facebook and Pinterest.

  • reply Marija ,

    can you tell me how you cook or bake clay when you wrap pen with it?

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Hey, I LOVE covering Bic pens. But Hey, these are the most fun I have ever seen. Snort.

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