Grigoryan on PCDaily

Madrid’s Sona Grigoryan has been experimenting with strips of newspaper coiled to make forms. Here she shapes the paper coils into a shallow round vessel.

She tops the paper bowl with ribbons of polymer wound into a traditional design that becomes a lid.

Memories of her homeland are never far from her thoughts and historic Armenian designs often appear in Sona’s works. Here polymer is braided and curled into a lovely pattern that is then textured and antiqued to look ancient.

“I’m a free artist,” she says. “I don’t live a single day without making beautiful things or thinking about them.”

Her growing body of work is cataloged on Flickr and she posts regularly to Facebook.

  • reply Sona ,

    Thanks for the feature, dear Cynthia!! )

    • reply Rebecca ,

      Sona is wildly inventive…she is always coming up with some new thing we haven’t seen before. Excellent !

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        I watch Sona’s work daily–she is an amazing innovator.

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          • reply Sherry Bailey ,

            Oh, I love that! Obviously, those would make stunning jewelry, too. (Can I wish for a tutorial?!)

            • reply Aims ,

              Now that’s thinking outside the box! Truly beautiful!

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