Blackburn on PCDaily
Blackburn on PCDaily

Carol Blackburn came to polymer through knitting and you can see how she has thought through her work. Her brain stacks and repeats and combines patterns and shapes that appear both engineered and organic.

For several years her strips of color have marched next to each other in increasingly interesting formations, most recently in this Striped Shell Necklace.

In her new Waves series the components now dance and flow more smoothly.

You can witness how she has evolved and moved through the process by looking at her site, at Pinterest, at Flickr and Facebook.

  • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

    Oh wow Carol that’s wonderful! Not only beautiful, but makes me long to get my hands on. Any chance of a pic of someone actually wearing one? xx

    • reply Dakotah Flannery ,

      as usual, Carol’s work is fluid and lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us.

      • reply Tory Hughes ,

        My goodness that is lovely!
        Carol has a gift for elegance and almost hedonistic beauty simultaneously. I mean that very positively! This new work is gorgeous. Thanks for showing us, Cynthia.

        • reply Carol Blackburn ,

          I’m in Venice so didn’t know about being on PCD as there’s no internet where we’re staying. I’ve just logged in at a bar! What a nice surprise, thanks Cynthia. And thanks for the comments, too.

          • reply Gail Bor ,

            Beautiful! And it looks exactly like a whelk egg case chain that I see on Cape Cod right now! If you google images of that you’ll see.

            • reply Robin ,

              This is beautiful, would Carol considering doing a tutorial on this? I’d pay as I’m sure many would.

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