Leonini on PCDaily

It’s a twofer Friday to tide you through the weekend.

Cecelia Leonini’s Surreal necklace stands on its own even as it contains echoes from Iris Mishly, Nikolina Otrzan and other artists working with textures and inks. (Cecelia credits Nikolina’s and Iris’ tutorials.)

Note how the three main pieces were cut from one image. This painterly approach is being played with widely¬†and moves polymer in new directions.¬†Cecelia’s progress is documented on Flickr and Facebook.

Krichevskaya on PCDaily

If you’re looking for some warmth this weekend, let Russia’s Anna Krichevskaya bundle you up in a tweedy blue bangle. The heathered colors of her extruded faux knit resemble the big bulky sweaters sure to beat the chill. There’s more on Flickr. Stay warm.

  • reply Cecilia ,

    Thank you very much for your attention and for featuring me in your site Polymer Clay Daily: I am very honored but now I think it’s very important to clarify a few things about my work.
    Here, in Italy, there are no schools and over time I have attended a few courses online, including, most recently, to Nikolina Otzram on “Stars.” With this technique I made my necklace Chopin, “Nocturne Op. 9 # 2.”
    This latest work “Surreal Necklace” comes from my personal study on the teachings of Iris Mishly from her Cosmic Ceramic tutorial. Also in “Surreal Necklace” I made some personal mixed media techniques.
    I have not taken up by anyone else except my work from my love for surrealism and the art learned from Iris.
    So, It seems only right and proper that this is correct here.
    I am sure you will understand this comment.

    Thank you for your attention and I send cordial, Cecilia

    • reply Liz Hall ,

      Both artists have a great sense of color, enjoy looking through their work, thanks for sharing.

      • reply Cecilia ,

        Thank you so much for your kidness!

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