Bowled over polymer

Kurent on PCDaily

Slovenia’s Claudia Kurent has stockpiled an impressive stash of bowls. She’s taking a few days to admire them before they disappear at the holiday artfair. You can examine these little beauties on her blog. It looks like she’s built them on glass liners.

Seems PCD always gravitates to Claudia during the holidays. Here are her snowflake ornaments from last year.

Kurent on PCDaily

You may particularly like her Tips and Tricks album on Flickr. She’s also on Facebook.

  • reply Jane Rieck ,

    The snowflake link does not lead me to Claudia’s snowflakes…but another gal’s…xo

    • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

      Claudia and Klavdija are the same person! I used her Slovenian name last time. Confusing, I know. ct

      • reply Klavdija ,

        Dear Cynthia thank you so so so much! Hugs!

        • reply Mary Vanderwood ,

          Claudia’s bowls are fantastically creative and gorgeous!

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