Encrusted and enlightened

Dillon on PCDaily

Ann Dillon was captivated by Jana Roberts Benzon’s Encrusted workshop last October. “I didn’t want to do quite the same thing,” Ann explains. “I like matte more than shiny. I’m not into Swarovski crystals. I had been hankering to make some of the rough-edged spirals I’d seen online.”

Ann’s Encrusted works have a woven fiber appearance. “I can’t seem to stop making them!” she admits. See more of Ann’s interpretations on Pinterest and Facebook.

Meanwhile Jana has moved in her own new directions.

Benzon on PCDaily

The bangle below is her wearable coral reef – complete with barnacles. In another piece she makes polymer look felted, then wrapped (see her Rapt class at Cabin Fever). Techniques are tools that can be used to express very different concepts.

  • reply jan montarsi ,

    Wonderful Piece Ann, Jana’s Classes are Awesome and very Inspiring, So many techniques to bring into your own work !!

    • reply Sherri Kellberg ,

      Congratulations Ann! Your brooch is stunning!

      • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

        Absolutely glorious!

        • reply Christine Damm ,

          This is a wonderful example of Ann really ‘making it her own’. I, too, love matte over shiny and Ann’s colorway is spectacular!

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