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For this pendant, Germany’s Annette Kruger (wolfschmuck) took inspiration from Eugena Topina’s polymer openwork tutorial. She also felt influenced by Melanie West’s organic cell structures.

By using layers of multiple colors (Eugena shows her samples in white) and shaping this bead as a hollow form, Annette achieves some exciting results that suggest a whole new range of possibilities.

Her first experiments show promise but miss the mark with underwhelming palettes. After several tries she scores and captures our attention. I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to try this.

See more of Annette’s efforts on Facebook and Flickr.

  • reply Melanie Muir ,

    Cynthia, I am so pleased you showed Annette’s work today, she will be over the moon! It has been wonderful to see her tenaciously working away to find her own voice and I think this piece, although influenced by other techniques, has a real sense of her own interpretation. Yay Annette, keep at it! <3

    • reply Annette Krüger ,

      Thany you Melanie – i’m so happy !

    • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

      Congratulations, Annette, for being featured today! This is a wonderful piece and I love the look of depth that you’ve achieved as well as the unusual palette you chose.

      • reply Annette Krüger ,

        Thank you very much Andrea !

      • reply Eugena ,

        Cynthia, thank you so much for showing Annette’s work. This piece is amazing!

        • reply Annette Krüger ,

          Eugena, your tutorial is great !

        • reply Annette Krüger ,

          Cynthia, you mad my day – Melanie is right – i am over the moon !!! Thank you so much !

          • reply Sue Ellen ,

            Love the color palette you chose as it adds even greater depth to the piece. I also enjoyed looking at the techniques that influenced you as you worked to find your own voice. Congratulations, Annette, as I think you are definitely on to something unique and wonderful!

            • reply Bella Green ,

              I am delighted to discover your work Annette. It is not just the colour and the openwork which makes it wonderful. it is how you have put it together with the rhythms of the cords and the o rings. That composition really completes the piece for me. I bought Eugena’s tutorial some time ago but I have not had the chance to try it yet, but when I do I shall certainly be taking inspiration from you as well thank you

              • reply Ilse ,

                I love this honeycomb-shape! (Y) great flickr-site too!

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