Facing yourself with polymer

Moore on PCDaily

Australia’s Wendy Moore sat herself down and had a talk. She’d been neglecting her creative self as she traveled and dealt with various worthy projects (you’ll know her name from the Nepali Samunnat project).

When Wendy finally gave her creative side some quality time, this wonderful face cane materialized.

The face cane was inspired by Argentinian artist Graciela Fuenzalida who draws wild women portraits on leather purses and bags.

Dressed up with earrings and hairstyles, Wendy’s face turned into a whole sorority of happy creative selves.

This may also remind you of Pier Voulkos’ early faces. There’s a face cane video here if you need a quick start. Let your creative self pick up some clay and face the week together.

  • reply delphine ,

    Really frightening !

    • reply Sonya ,

      So glad that your creative self came back, Wendy! I’d love to see more of it!

      • reply Wendy Jorre de St Jorre ,

        I love the cane and what Wendy has done with it in the necklace is just wonderful. I’m so glad you took your creative self for a spin!

        • reply Marlene Brady ,

          Oh my Miss Wendy, you have outdone yourself. Vibrant, passionate colors countered with that “stare”. I am drawn in to look at each one. Love it!

          • reply Wendy Moore ,

            Giddy, giddy, giddy with excitement! What a lovely surprise. We all need to be reminded to have our “play” dates sometimes! Cynthia, so often, PCD inspires them. Thank you!

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