Smith on PCDaily

Two flat sculpted bangles caught my eye. Similar designs with very different treatments.

The first is from Pennsylvania’s Staci Smith (stacilouiseoriginals). She’s happy to be back to polymer after nursing a sore shoulder. “This was one of those things I couldn’t stop sketching or thinking about. It’s a practice bracelet.”

She shares some in-process shots on her blog and Facebook. She’s also published articles in the latest issues of Belle Armoire and ClothPaperScissors.

Haskova on PCDaily

The second was from Czech Republic’s Eva Haskova who wrapped extruded elements into a shape that looks like the structure of a chemical element with random holes and connected¬†particles. You can see more of her stylish discoveries on her site, Flickr and Facebook. Here’s her quick free video too.

These concepts made me want to revisit the extruded flat heart I played with a few years back. The flat bangle evolution continues.

  • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

    In think Staci is one of the freshest voices in jewelry right now. Her tribal motifs, extremely original designs, and very unique voice are instantly recognizable. I know that she had that design in her sketchbook forever and finally just couldn’t keep it inside any longer. Her muse is a hard one to keep quiet. And Eva blows my mind with her work, too. She’s one of my faves.

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      Both of these are so intriguing–the flowing aboriginal lines of Staci’s and Eva’s new leap into bangles with her signature dots. Love them.

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