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Arendt on PCDaily

Angelika Arendt’s Purple Swan was at the end of a wild goose chase. You can see how her sculptures were a natural progression from her lush, dense drawings. Angelika’s catalog and collections are fascinating and impressive. This juicy purple polymer ends the week on a bright note.

I hesitate to send you on the same wild goose chase I fell into. But it’s Friday and you have the whole weekend to get lost in wonderful, colorful links so here goes. Scotland’s Buttons by McAnaraks Facebook page was where the road to Angelika began.

Fran Harkes and Steve Cormack make resin buttons and they pull inspiration from textiles, fibers, ceramics, polymer and whatever. Their posts lead you to an eclectic mix of styles and media pulled together by a great eye for pattern and color. I was surprised to find my own art there!

I forced myself to stop looking/linking or I’d never get this post written. McAnaraks’ Pinterest boards continue the fun and they sell their buttons on Etsy and on their site. Enjoy a colorful wild ride this weekend.

  • reply pam southernwood ,

    I love McAnoraks buttons and have also spent lots of time following their Facebook links and discovering some amazing artists.

    • reply Fran ,

      Thanks so much for the mention, I’m delighted to feature on one of my favourite sites, despite not using polymer clay myself.

      • reply McAnaraks ,

        I’ve had many visits to my Facebook page, and Etsy shop today which I’m sure we owe to you mentioning us, so thank you very much.

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