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Germany’s Margit Bohmer decorates a small square of polymer then bends back two corners so that they touch to form a bead. The resulting beads fit together snuggly and join visually into a single shape.

Maybe we should try this with the inchies we trade and collect at events!


For those of you who are snowbound, I invite you to warm yourselves by following the polymer-bikini clad models on Italian runways and streets.

Chiara Duecentogrammi cooks up bright polymer pieces that have high fashion appeal. Here’s one show. You’ll want to check in with Chiara to see where she goes next.

  • reply Sandra ,

    Amazing art.

    • reply Margit Böhmer ,

      Thank you again, Cynthia, it means a lot to me to find my work here! Hugs, Margit

      • reply Andrea Victoria Paradiso ,

        Most beautiful, Margit! I especially love the “chalky/pastel-ish” finish on your beads. Congratulations to being featured in PCT today!

        • reply Polymer tubes | Polymer Clay Daily ,

          […] variation of an angular piece that shares a shape with Margit Bohmer’s stamped and painted folded squares that we looked at on […]

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