Ford/Forlano at PCDaily

Designs seem to show up in bunches, don’t they? Here’s Ford/Forlano’s most recent variation of an angular piece that shares a shape with Margit Bohmer’s stamped and painted folded squares that we looked at on Monday.

Dave models the big black necklace version of the theme that they’ll be selling at ACC Baltimore this weekend.

Forlano on PCDaily

Dave and Steve make their design from round tubes cut at an angle that allows the beads to bump and bunch. The surface treatment on the red, white and blue polymer is tantalizing and almost looks metallic.

The edge of each bead reveals solid color below the thin surface veneer. The clasp is cut at the same angle and repeats the theme. You can read about their latest shows on Facebook.

  • reply Alena ,

    I opened todays post on my phone, and the image loaded slowly. After seeing about 10 percent from top of the image i knew this must be ford/forlano. And it was. Such a unique “handwriting”!

    • reply Cynthia ,

      Alena – I couldn’t resist using the big picture. Sorry for the slowness (it’s good to know the cost of beauty).

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