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Marina Rios (fancifuldevices) was born in Uraguay and lives in Chicago. Perhaps that helps explain how she’s able to reconcile colliding worlds, patterns, materials. Here’s what she says of her assemblages that often include polymer.

Balancing opposites is how I think of the universe and how I make jewelry. Old is paired with new, feminine contrasted with masculine, rustic mixed with refined, western enriched with tribal, functional elaborated with decorative…all these dualities and more are synthesized into an artifact that tells an alternative story of our past or perhaps a myth for the future.

On Pinterest you can see her polymer on a single board. On other sites (Etsy, her blog) your eyes have to search carefully to pick out which components might be polymer.

She says of her cosmic Victorian tribal jewelry, “To me they are a magical key to an imaginary realm.”

  • reply Marian Hertzog ,

    Love her work!

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      Love her terms–‘crusty glam’ describes it perfectly.

      • reply Fancifuldevices ,

        OHMYGOD I cant believe I’m on your blog, I’m freaking out!! *flails around * I gotta call my mom!! (Sheesh I sound so serious in that quote… Im actually such a spaz.)

        • reply Sharon Case ,

          Beautiful unique artistic piece. Classic design.

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