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Today we announce the launch the anticipated Volume II – RETRO that so many of you have been waiting for! We are over the moon about this collection of Cynthia Tinapple’s newest extruder disk set which contains 8 fun and fashionable patterns. Cynthia doesn’t like to brag about herself so KazuriWest has taken over the controls today.

Check out the photo above of some of the amazing designs you can make and watch this quick video (below) of the disks in action. We here at kazuriwest.com are excited to launch Volume II – RETRO.

Cynthia is an international award-winning designer, educator, author of the book Polymer Clay Global Perspectives and producer of this renowned and insightful blog. As many of you know, she is quite a talented and amazing artist and loads of fun to work with.

Cynthia originally produced Volume I of her polymer clay extruder disks to meet the need for more clay pattern options and it flew off the shelves with customers all over the world clamoring for more. We cannot believe how popular extruders are becoming. Her designer’s eye has found fashionable icons and translated them into extrudable patterns that you can easily integrate into your work. Order yours here.

  • reply dayle doroshow ,

    Cynthia! great job on your new extruder disks- I enjoyed the video so much!

    • reply Mary Kaye Waterson ,

      Cynthia – I bought these two days ago when you linked to Kazuri earlier in the week. I can’t wait til they get here!! Thanks 😀

      • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

        Good on you Cynthia. Saw the I love tools on CraftCast. These look pretty darn cool.

        • reply Pavla Cepelikova ,

          Wow, these are e

          • reply Pavla Cepelikova ,

            These are beautiful! Love the kaleidoscope effect”

            • reply Cora ,

              T bought the 2ed extruder but a want the first one how can I get it??????

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