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Tina Crouse’s is a feel-good Friday story. She’s launched a Facebook page to spread the word about the Kindware Premier program. Tina is the Ohio project’s manager and she’s introducing their new collection of Medallion Cuffs, wide leather bands with a polymer oval stamped with a choice of an inspirational word.

Tina took part in the Kindway program when she was incarcerated. The polymer jewelry that inmates make as they’re building their skills is sold by volunteers at art fairs and other events.

Once they transition back into their community, they may opt to continue selling their polymer art through Kindware Premier. Tina explains it more clearly.


“I became involved in this organization while I was incarcerated and not only did it change my life, but it gave me a future. All these handcrafted gifts are made possible because there are people investing in lives impacted by incarceration. While I was incarcerated I was able to develop a skill set working with polymer clay that I never knew I had. It became an outlet for me. Each time I worked with the clay I would turn all the negative that happened in my life into positive. All the bad things that were said to me into kind words – I am a good mother, I am smart, I am beautiful, I am worth it and I CAN CHANGE! All those stones thrown at me at one time are now re-purposed and transformed into beautiful gems.” she says eloquently.

But life’s not always easy (here’s more of her story) and Tina works as a waitress and takes care of her children as well. She was able to attend the Buckeye Bash conference last month (that’s Tina with me and Ron Lehocky in Dayton). The Kindway women sent along inchies they’d made. Tina serves as a terrific role model for other women who will be released in the near future.

Your support, likes, and good wishes energize these women and the Kindway/Kindware project. Have a feel good weekend. Contact Tina here to purchase her cuffs which cost $25 plus $3 shipping.

  • reply Ron Lehocky ,

    Wonderful tribute to a woman worth knowing, Cynthia. Tina is HOPE. She puts a face on a very worthwhile project (KINDWAY) that we in the polymer community embrace.
    I encourage all PCD readers to congratulate Tina by supporting her project with the purchase of a bracelet or two. We can all be a part of her journey.

    • reply Wendy Moore ,

      Cynthia, what an inspiring and wonderful story. My heart sang reading about the power of creating and also of how something small can grow so much. And why am into surprised that you and Ron are involved!? I will certainly be purchasing a bracelet!

      • reply Marian Hertzog ,

        What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing this.

        • reply Melanie J Pierce ,

          I felt instantly connected to Tina when we met! It just amazes me how no matter where I go in “My Polymer Adventure” there is always someone who touches my soul and will forever be with me no matter where I go…..I was gifted one of Tina’s beautiful Medallion Cuffs with the word “HOPE” from a near and dear friend that I cherish. So very proud of you Tina!

          • reply Chris Owens ,

            This is great. I am told clay is the most therapeutic medium. Entrepreneurship for “good causes” and non-for-profits is growing by leaps and bounds. What could be better for beauty, healing and creating an income stream than polymer art?

            • reply Rebecca Harris ,

              I remember Tina from the Buckeye Bash. I wish her and her organization the very best of luck.

              • reply Sharon Case ,

                How inspirational for others to make a change. Lovely work.

                • reply carissa ,

                  Tina is a cool chick who is willing to learn and adapt from her lessons in life. She is amazingly fast in picking up techniques and has no fear at trying new things. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her next.

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