Giveaway and discounts from friends


You can count on polymer friends! The gang over at offered to distract you with a giveaway and a discount today. They know that dangling shiny tools and juicy books will keep you happy while I’m off traveling and teaching.

Their giveaway basket includes: A mini Swellegant Dealio, a Pretty Darn Nifty Tool, and Christi’s two new books about dogs and dragons. Leave a comment below or like the post on PCD’s Facebook and you’re automatically in the running to win. I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday.

In the meanwhile, you can shop Christi Friesen, Lisa Pavelka or ilove2craft and enjoy a 15% discount until 10/31/2015 by including the PCD2015 code.  Let’s hope our weekends are filled with lots of shiny distractions.

  • reply Carole monahan ,

    I’m atba clay retreat now and everyone is talking about the pretty darn nifty tool and Christi’s other great sculpting tools!

    • reply Deb Perretti ,

      Wow! Thanks for the opportunity.

      • reply Gayle Thompson ,

        Would love to try these products! Hope I win!

        • reply Consuelo ,

          I’m in it to win it! Fabulous stuff!

          • reply donna ,

            Pick me! Pick me!

            • reply Jean Lewis ,

              Thank you! What a great selection.

              • reply Gerri McCullough ,

                Thanks so much for the giveaway! Much appreciated. 🙂

                • reply Jenny R ,

                  Love Love that you are having another giveaway. Christi’s products are great and I’d really enjoy having the new books. Thank you for the chance to win them.

                  • reply Céline ,

                    What a fabulous give away! Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

                    • reply Jan Pini ,

                      Thanks for the giveaway!

                      • reply Mary Pat ,

                        Great Fun

                        • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

                          This sounds like fun!

                          • reply Ellbelle ,

                            Woo hoo! Pick me!

                            • reply Maria Nicolaou ,

                              Yeeey!!! Please let it be me!!!

                              • reply Stacy stine ,

                                Ooh lovely goodies!! Love that Christi

                                • reply Katalin ,

                                  Wohooo great!

                                  • reply Susan ,

                                    Love getting daily inspiration! So many talented artists out there. Love the chance to win something and try something new!

                                    • reply Lyn Gill ,

                                      Love the little mini Swellegant line…so smart of Christi! Thanks for the chance to win Polymer Clay Daily!

                                      • reply Adah ,

                                        Who doesn’t love new tools and new ideas. Bring them on!

                                        • reply Martha Robinson ,

                                          Thanks for the opportunity!

                                          • reply Eileen Barton ,

                                            Thanks for the giveaway! Love dragons!

                                            • reply Judith Handby ,

                                              Just discovered polymer clay, let the summer fun begin. Thanks for the giveaway.

                                              • reply Kristin ,

                                                I think all of the artist featured on this site are so talented and creative.

                                                • reply Freda ,

                                                  Would love to win anything from Christie!

                                                  • reply Ellie ,

                                                    I LOVE Christi and Lisa’s stuff!!! Thanks so much for having this drawing! It’s like Christmas in July!!!

                                                    • reply Cindy ,

                                                      What a great way to start the weekend.

                                                      • reply alisa ,

                                                        I would love to play with these toys!

                                                        • reply Frédérique D. ,

                                                          Oh, I’d love to get this giveaway! Who knows…

                                                          • reply Jackie ,

                                                            What a lovely idea to do a giveaway, I love reading my Polymer Clay Daily and look forward to it in my inbox, many thanks for making my day!

                                                            • reply Lisa ,

                                                              Thanks for all the great info.

                                                              • reply Marcia ,

                                                                All my favorite artists – fun products – of course I’d love to win! Of course Polymer Clay Daily is like an addiction.

                                                                • reply Jay ,

                                                                  Glad I won. Thanks (Think positive)

                                                                  • reply Carla ,

                                                                    I love getting the newsletter, and this sounds like the perfect giveaway for a few things I’ve been excited about trying! Thanks so much for hosting this!

                                                                    • reply Janet ,

                                                                      What a generous giveaway, I’m in!

                                                                      • reply Caroline Alderman ,

                                                                        New tools…Woohoo!!!
                                                                        Thanks for your generosity!
                                                                        Also got me to revisit your websites…extra traffic is a win for you too.

                                                                        • reply Jacqualine Jenkins ,

                                                                          Cool! Thanks you guys! =)

                                                                          • reply Becki Coffman ,

                                                                            It is such a generous giveaway to inspire us to play with more polymer. Thanks for including my name in the cyber hat.

                                                                            • reply Barbara Briggs ,

                                                                              Sounds like a super gift!

                                                                              • reply Susan Samuel ,

                                                                                What an amazing giveaway. Love to be entered. Thanks.

                                                                                • reply DiAnne Evans ,

                                                                                  Woo Hoo! What a great giveaway!!

                                                                                  • reply Debra Gibson ,

                                                                                    Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

                                                                                    • reply Barbara E ,

                                                                                      Winning this dealio could get me to make a mini mealio. TTFN

                                                                                      • reply Idelle ,

                                                                                        PCD is always worth a look-see, great way to start the day! Cool giveaway!! Thanks for all you do.

                                                                                        • reply CindyMatthews ,

                                                                                          Giveaways are always good and this one sounds like a”corker”!

                                                                                          • reply Denise Spillane ,

                                                                                            Love PCD and all the artists and ideas you feature. Now with limited funds, would be cool to win.

                                                                                            • reply Naomi jerys ,

                                                                                              Ohh ohh, pick me pick me! Love tools, toys and new techniques. Thank you for the opportunity!

                                                                                              • reply Vicky Wallette ,

                                                                                                Great give away

                                                                                                • reply Dena Darling-Mcbean ,

                                                                                                  I love give aways . Always have. No matter if I win or I lose thank you for doing this for us all. 🙂

                                                                                                  • reply CindyMatthews ,

                                                                                                    Giveaways are always good- and this one looks like a corker! 🙂

                                                                                                    • reply judy haupin ,

                                                                                                      what a great idea. always love a freebee

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