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Girodon on PCDaily

 France’s Sonya Girodon has had quite a time coming up with versions of these Ray of Sunshine cone-shaped earrings. This series has a crackle finished base with polka dot embellishment topped with flat disks. The square earwires make a geometric counterpoint. See her variations on this theme on her Flickr and Facebook pages.

How does she keep churning out variations on her latest theme? It has to do with letting go as she explains, “What a feeling when the brain shuts down and inspiration overflows into the fingers, hours fly by in seconds, and wonder is created out of nothing.”

Is this your week to loosen up and create wonder?

  • reply Sonya Girodon ,

    Thank you, Cynthia! It is the ultimate reward to be featured on your page!

    • reply Barbara McGuire ,

      Sonya Girodon – You’ve been inspiring us with your artistry for a long time – not to mention fabulous pictures! The variation in your free spirit is a joy to behold. Thank you Cynthia – I am so happy to see this post!

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Love these. And yes, this week has already started with the wonder of creation. Happy camper here.

    • reply Luann Udell ,

      Lovely and mysterious, the perfect combination. LOVE her work!!

      • reply Sonya Girodon ,

        Ha! And I love yours, and your posts on FASO from which I learn a lot!

      • reply Wendy Moore ,

        As much as her gorgeous work, it is Sonya’s fearless commitment to exploration and experimentation that I find so inspiring. Her art sings. There is such a sense of joy and celebration of creativity in all she does. Thanks for showing these Cunthia. I keep forgetting to check FlickR!

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