Hanging polymer history


What a treat to have dinner at the home that Dayle Doroshow and her husband built in northern California. Art is everywhere and guests are surrounded by their strong palette and distinctive aesthetic.

History hangs on the walls. Can you name the artists responsible for these mostly polymer pendants? It’s a display of some of Dayle’s favorites that she made and traded for over the years.


Can you spot the two collaborations between Sarah Shriver and Dayle? Maybe you’ll find the early pieces by Kathleen Dustin, Carol Simmons, Cynthia Toops. There are several of Dayle’s own pieces in the group plus pieces by Christopher Knoppel and Liz Tamayo. Do you hang your stories and your treasures on the wall where they can bring you constant pleasure?

  • reply Beth Wheeling ,

    Dale is one of the purest spirits working in Polymer Clay today. Her workshops deal with so much more than clay! They are explorations. Her classes are joyous and she truly supports the individuals and the group as a whole. There are some people out there who were born to teach…Dale is one of those people. She has not reputation to maintain; no insecurities she needs the class to shore up for her. She is truly present and available on every level to her students. This post made me realize how much I need to get back to a class with Dale. Thank you Cynthia!

    • reply dayle doroshow ,

      Cynthia, what a joy to have you visit and thank you for featuring the small collection I have of favorite polymer pieces. And Beth! thank you for your lovely words- I hope I can live up to them! And hope to see you soon again too.

      • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

        Yes, this is exactly what I do with my growing collection of others’ work. My studio walls are filling up and I love that everywhere I look are little mementos of meetings and swaps with artists all over the world. We have such a sharing community and I love being surrounded by reminders of it!

        • reply Renae ,

          OH!!!! Adore this artist ?? ? ?? and I liked checking out the collaborations! Didn’t know they had worked together before. Very cool!

          • reply Renae ,

            awww…it put ??? in place of my smiley faces:( oh well

        • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

          I -love- decorating my space with those wonderful things I have purchased and made myself. Certainly if it’s interesting enough to be decorating my body it’s interesting enough to decorate my walls. And people love to get into it and check it out up close.

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