Anderson on PCDaily

These two pieces from Jon Stuart Anderson fall into my ones-that-got-away category. Arlene Groch pounced on the 3-legged cup when Jon showed it to us during a demo in Bali. Then she posted a picture of her acquisition on Facebook as an eye-catching reminder for Clayathon. (Arlene was just showing off her purchase, Jon’s not going to be in Atlantic City.)

Anderson on PCDaily

This Buddha carved from a solid cane block is another one I missed when we were touring Jon’s studio looking at his experiments and one-offs.

Jon’s recovering from a bout of typhoid (the downside of the tropics) and PCDers will surely want to wish him well as we gaze at the astonishing work on his site and Facebook pages here and here.

  • reply yvonne ,

    What talent! I so appreciate waking up to such a plethora of amazing works eveyday!

    • reply joanne meller ,

      I can’t wrap my head around carving from a single polymer clay block. Amazing! But I wish I could just witness a bit of the process, as I’ve never seen anything like it. (Nor do I aspire to such a lofty goal). You always show us the most interesting and inspiring works of art. Thanks, Cynthia!

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