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Take one television show, 5 pounds of clay, 50 patterned canes, 4800 slices, a 30″x 40″ canvas and what do you end up with? A lovely portrait of actress Sophie Turner from the Game of Thrones television series.

Well that’s what you end up with if you’re Julie Eakes. She brings plenty of intensity and expertise to her latest project…to say nothing of the hours and hours she spent assembling it. The subtle skin tones were a big challenge.

Eakes on PCDaily

Not only is this Julie’s most ambitious mosaic piece, it’s also the one she’s most proud of. Follow the in-progress shots and explanations on her blog. Then fast-forward through the construction on YouTube.

Julie’s also been unveiling her work on Facebook. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder, Julie.

  • reply dayle doroshow ,

    Just FANTASTIC Julie!

    • reply Sherry ,

      In. Sane.!!! (In a good — no, Fantastic! — way, of course!)

      • reply Karen brueggemann ,

        Wow! That is amazing! Being able to break an image down into thousands of different colored squares is mind boggling to me. Three or four colors is sometimes a chalange for me.

        • reply Libby Mills ,

          Spectacular! Julie has outdone herself.

          • reply Meisha ,

            Yes…the final unveiling was much anticipated. It was fun to follow on Facebook, with everyone guessing who this beauty was. To see it all come together in such a spectacular way was very intriguing. Julie is an amazing artist! Congrats on another remarkable piece Julie. brava!

            • reply Jan Montarsi ,

              Julie it was so much fun following your process. I know I knew that face but just couldn’t put my finger on who it was. Thanks for allowing us to watch you work your magic !!!!!!

              • reply Nikolina Otržan ,

                Jules is a genius, I adore every single “piece” she does!

                • reply Giuseppe ,

                  I don’t want to work polymer clay anymore! (Cry,cry,cry….) It’s overwhelming, even frustrating! Lol!

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