Flying high with polymer

Webb on PCDaily

Linda Webb’s little 4″ polymer mosaic butterfly, Monarch Migration, won the People’s Choice Award in the Peoria, Illinois ArtPop contest and grew into a 49′ billboard where it will be featured for a year.

The inspiration for this piece came after Linda learned about the Monarch Butterfly Task Force, a local group that educates the public about the rapidly declining numbers of Monarchs. The group plants milkweed and other host plants for pollinators.

Webb on PCDaily

“My hope was to create an appealing piece of art that could assist the Task Force’s efforts,” she explains. By giving them the reproduction rights, Linda allows the group to produce bookmarks, cards, t-shirts, posters and other fundraising items.

“The positive feedback I’ve received encourages me to think about more ways I could use my art to help local groups,” she says. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

  • reply Sherry ,

    That’s spectacular, and the story behind it is too — AND inspiring! YAY, Linda!!!

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Love this.

      • reply MARLENE BRADY ,

        Oh my gosh – mind blowing! Way to go Linda!!!!

        • reply Becky Acosta ,

          Lovely piece and a good cause. As Sherry said above, the story is inspiring!

          • reply Jenean Matthews ,

            Absolutely stunning. Congrats on your award and recognition.

            • reply Maria Alexandrou ,

              Spectacular!!! the story behind also gives an inspiration! Congrats!!!

              • reply Pam Miller ,

                Congrats Linda!! I drive by this billboard every day and have seen Linda’s art! (Nearly back-ended a guy while admiring it tho.) chuckle. All of her work is awesome! I love her animals and own some!

                • reply Kit Lockwood ,

                  I saw that billboard! Wonderful! How exciting!

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