Williamson on PCDaily

Genevieve Williamson reminds us to think beyond “drop” or “dangle”. We can choose “drop” and “dangle”.

Are there other choices we’re overlooking? How are you narrowing your options?

Instagram may be the best place to see how Genevieve thinks through her series. Learn more on her site, Facebook and Pinterest.

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    Genevieve is at the top of my list for excellent work in polymer clay. I love her simple designs (which aren’t, really!), her use of neutrals, her subtle textures, all of which let the work sing. Love, love, love what she does!

    • reply Lynn Lunger ,

      I always love Genevieve’s work and the details. Her colors are earthy, subtle and appealing, Distressing, scratching, carving, engraving… the textures are extremely evocative and honest. Her sense of repetition, scale and form – wonderful. Lovely new pieces!

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