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New York’s Donna Greenberg calls her newest wall art an Olive Eater Urchin but I call it sunshine. An 11″ diameter prickly sculpted, textured and painted sunshine is a perfect way to begin our week.

“The weirdos do add up,” Donna says of her other-worldly constructions, “Some have new homes to fly to, others will be in shows or going to workshops with me. Table room is at a premium in the studio these days.” She has created these decorative gems at a prodigious rate.

You can see lots more of them on her website and Pinterest.  Donna will be sharing her techniques in a Tidal Pool pre-conference class at this year’s Synergy.

  • reply Donna Greenberg ,

    Thank you for sharing my latest weirdo Cynthia. What a great Monday morning pick me up!

    • reply Diana Reid ,

      WOW! Fabulous!

      • reply Liz Hall ,

        Love Donna’s work so creative and inspirational!

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