Step by step with Loretta Lam

Loretta Lam steps us through a necklace to start the week on

There’s nothing juicier than a step-by-step from Loretta Lam to kick off the week. First, the sketchbook magic pulls us in. Then the jumble of companion canes brings color into the equation.

“I spend a lot of time on the palette. I know the feelings that I want to convey and it has to be just right. In this case – fresh, vibrant and youthful but still sophisticated,” says Loretta.

Loretta Lam steps us through a project to start the week on

The naked bead forms seem dark before she brightens them with slices of patterns.

If you go to her Facebook page, you’ll find a slideshow in which she arranges and completes the necklace plus lots more pictures to encourage you to trot off to your workspace.

Loretta will be teaching her Designing with Distinction methods in Durfort, France in October and in Monza, Italy in September.

  • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

    Love this piece!!! Totally nailed the colors, so right about picking the perfect palette to convey what you want thru your work. Lovely work!

    • reply Kathy McCurry ,

      This is just so lovely. The colors and detail are so fresh that I can almost smell the dew on the morning grass in summer when looking at it.

      • reply Barbara Sosna ,

        I want to wear this! ?

        • reply Barbara ,

          I love Loretta’s work!

          • reply loretta ,

            Thanks Cynthia. Always great to be your “queen for a day”

            • reply Luann Udell ,

              I love when an artist has such a distinctive style, you recognize it at a glance, and yet are also intrigued by their constant growth and progress. Loretta is one of those artists, someone whose work evolves, and yet always reflects their integrity and aesthetics. This piece is no exception. You GO, grrl!

              • reply Luann Udell ,

                Forgive the grammar, see the respect. :^D

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