Nurturing tangents

Lynn Yuhr let herself go off on a tangent on PolymerClayDaily

Lynn Yuhr (theFlyingSquirrelStudio) went off on a tangent and developed a new line of spontaneous jewelry.

“Tangents,” Lynn explains, “a completely different line of thought or action. When you least expect them, when you can’t afford the time for them, knowing you can’t control them, they happen anyway.”

This lovely gradient topped with succulent petals Lynn named Hazel. Read about how Lynn decided to nurture her tangents and follow wherever they led.

Do you allow yourself to go off on a tangent from time to time?

  • reply Kathy McCurry ,

    The colors and shapes and details in this are so inviting to look at. Wish I could give it two ‘thumbs up’.

    • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

      I, myself, enjoy a good tangent! Nurture that spontaneity 😀 I’m digging what she’s doing over at TheFlyingSquirrelStudio!

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