Slow show, new work

La Perle Rouge found a new way to work at a slow show on PolymerClayDaily

France’s La Perle Rouge admits in a post that one of her shows was not well attended so she kept herself busy making canes and visiting nearby thrift stores.

Voila! A new way of working!

Unleashed from her usual setting, she sliced thick cane pieces and formed them into cuplike shapes that she arranged on the thrift shop finds. The results have a happy and unconstrained look.

We could use your help with the artist’s name which we couldn’t find on either the La Perle Bijoux site or Facebook page.

Thanks to PCD reader Aims Abson for the link!

  • reply Suzanne Andrews ,

    I have been following this blog for a few years I believe the name used is Adanya.

    • reply Carrie ,

      Hi Cynthia – she is Marie-Charlotte Chaillon.

      • reply Carrie ,

        Hi Cynthia, her name is Marie-Charlotte Chaillon.

        • reply Christine Devoucoux ,

          • reply Marie-Charlotte Chaillon ,

            Hi ! I’m Marie-Charlotte Chaillon et I am very happy and proud to see that my work please you.
            Thank you for sharing the work of artists around the world. I hope that my blog and the rest of my creations will please you too.
            I wish you to have such a beautiful day as me !
            MC C.

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