Bridget Derc builds complex tiles for her tables on PolymerClayDaily

The UK’s Bridget Derc has two 27 1/2″ square patio tables to cover with polymer tiles. She calculated how much clay she’d need and got busy.

Bridget shares many of her work in progress shots on Flickr. No two of the 18 tiles (each about 9″ square) are alike. Her meticulous arranging of the kaleidoscopic pieces is amazing.

Bridget Derc builds complex tiles for her tables on PolymerClayDaily

She makes assembling hundreds of pieces look so effortless that we think, “Yeah, I could totally do that.” What is it about watching someone else work so diligently that allows us to forget the herculean effort involved?

Lots of clay, lots of math, lots of patience. Then lots of satisfaction having tea on your beautiful new tables.

Last year PCD watched her work on this smaller table.

  • reply Kristie Foss ,

    Wow! This is absolutely amazing! It really makes me want to see these tables in person – such incredible attention to detail and such painstaking care in assembly are remarkable. Thanks for sharing this.

    • reply MaryEtta McGraw ,

      There are no words! To envision and create such a complex work of art boggles my mind. The tiles are beautiful and precision takes my breath away.

      • reply Heidi McCullough ,

        Bridget’s work is so technically meticulous, I had to zoom in on a set of tiles to see it wasn’t a digitally manipulated image. The imperfections are so, so tiny.

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