A video snack for New Year’s Eve

More fun and surprises in this mini-tutorial from Carol Blackburn on PolymerClayDaily.com

In this video, UK’s Carol Blackburn cuts up small graduated canes and overlaps the pieces to form her kaleidoscope veneers.

Forgive the background chatter and listen closely to learn about some of her homegrown tools and tips. Carol has developed loads of these small geometric sleights of hand that she teaches in workshops.

This video from StudioMojo is an easy one to try when you’re done with the holidays.

  • reply Suzanne ,

    When I first saw this video it was genius. I understand she is teaching in the west this fall .

    • reply JANE GASSNER ,

      Thanks, Cynthia, for posting this and the mini video of the other day. I can’t afford StudioMojo at this time, so I sure appreciate getting a look.

      • reply Barbara ,

        Wow…. just wow!

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