Joey Barnes explains "beshert" and her timely donation on

How did Texas’ Joey Barnes happen to have a spare Lucy clay roller that she donated to the women at the Ohio Reformatory? She explains that “When these machines came out several years ago, lots of customers were having difficulty understanding the machine’s roughly translated Czech/English instructions.”

Joey offered to improve them. That led to her translating their teachers’ contracts and operators’ manuals. When she refused payment, Lucy Tools sent Joey their biggest “Elephant.”

But the Elephant was too big for Joey’s workspace so she set it aside waiting for the right use.

When she saw that the ORW students needed a second Lucy Elephant, she thought, “Beshert!” That’s the Yiddish word for “meant to be.” The funds raised on PCD will go to other needs of the prison program.

Ever the collaborator, Joey credits Carol Simmons, Ivy Niles and Corrie Beth Hogg for giving her inspiration for her flower box (shown here) and garden series.

  • reply Bonnie Kreger ,

    I have a lot of polymer clay and tools and things that I would love to donate to the ORW. Who can I send them to and would you send me the name and address please?

    • reply Kelli Nelson ,

      Bonnie I also have a gazillion clay items to donate, so if you get the address could you email me the info also!?
      Thanks so much!
      This program has touched me in a way I can’t put to words, simply put the women that started it must be angels straight from heaven!! I would love to start something like this in Wisconsin or Minnesota! So if anyone could tell me how to get started I would appreciate it! I mean a starting point!

    • reply Chris Owens ,

      Beautiful generosity and art!

      • reply Helen Breil ,

        Joey, that is so incredibly generous of you! The ORW ladies will be thrilled! And I love your flower box. A lovely sight on this blustery, snowy day!

        • reply Sharene SUE Screws ,

          Joey, you are not only talented, but very generous! So happy I got to meet you last May!

          • reply Luann Udell ,

            Such a kind and thoughtful gesture! A perfect holiday post…

            • reply Wendy Moore ,

              Joey is an absolute sweetheart and NONE of this is a surprise…her practicality, her generosity, her team spirit, her awesomeness. Her creativity flows from the joy in her beautiful heart. Thank you Joey.

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