Confounding Monday twists

Carol Blackburn twists black and white in new ways on

We thought we’d seen black and white manipulated and stretched and combined in every way possible. Then UK’s Carol Blackburn took another look and came up with this Barcode necklace.

It’s made of her hollow tetra beads, dimensional shapes that remind me of small cream containers and fancy tea bags.

So not only are the striped patterns confounding, but the shapes add another layer of difficulty. The most magical thing is that her methods are actually elegantly simple. Here’s hoping she adds this to her upcoming classes.

  • reply Natalie ,

    Wow… you are absolutely amazing… you took black and white to a new level?

    • reply Carol Blackburn ,

      What a thrill to wake up on Monday morning to find my latest necklace design on PCD.
      I’m doing a happy dance. Thank you Cynthia.

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