Dad’s ties in polymer

Olja brings silk ties to polymer on

These pieces from Germany’s Olja (@olgasmodeschmuck) look like men’s silk tie patterns.

There’s something very buttoned-down and crisp about the blue gradations intersected by gold lines. The bail is made from the same clay.

The polka-dotted element loosens up the tight geometry.

I couldn’t find much info on Olja. Care to comment with some details or links?

  • reply Olja ,

    Hello Cynthia , happy new year to you and your family! Thank you very much for posting my work on your homepage, i´m really honoured. 🙂 I don´t have a homepage as i´ve started working with polymer clay only as a hobby to forget about the stress at work. There was no intention to get famous 🙂 I am 58 years old and I was born in siberia/russia in 1961. My family and i moved in 1990 to germany. I love many kinds of art, for example acrylic paintings and in the last years especially jewellery made of polymer clay. However, i´m trying to improve my skills and to learn new and interesting things. You´re welcome to post more of my work in future if you like. I love your work very much! Thanks again and best greetings from germany, Olja Krueger

    • reply Sylvia ,

      Your work is gorgeous, Olja! Looking forward to seeing more!

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