Bright colors reflect a bright spirit

Polymer and a bright spirit helped Rachel face challenges and look forward to a bright spring on

If the holidays are truly over, spring can’t be far behind, right?

Need a shot of springy colors? Here’s a super one from the UK’s Rachel (madebyracheluk)

Her colors remind you that brighter days are coming and her story will certainly lift your spirits. Rachel had her heart set on a career in medical science but health challenges made her change directions.

The bright colors reflect the bright and determined spirit of the artist. Here’s Rachel’s story on Facebook. Her can-do spirit shines through in these delightfully colored flower cane beads gathered into bouquets on a string.

  • reply Anna Shaw ,

    Every one of those polymer beads are made in China by one of my suppliers. They are readily available online for pennies a piece. This person named Rachel is lying if she is claiming to make these beads herself. I urge you to pull back this post because she is a fraud. If you need to see copies of my invoices or China sites selling these same beads let me know. Shame on Rachel.

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