Laurie Mika's Corona series shows us the power of art on

Yes, we featured Laurie Mika’s Corona series just recently. But I need her works just now.

One friend dies, a neighbor tests positive and moves to hospice, a husband fights cancer. And I’m in Ohio, a state that is behaving responsibly!

Laurie’s art presses all my buttons. Wish us well today.

You may have been skeptical about the effect your polymer art can have. Laurie shows you how powerful it can be.

  • reply Sue screwd ,

    Sending you hugs Cynthia!

    • reply Anne M ,

      Thinking of you today and every day when your posts appear. Thank you and love you in these troubling times.

      • reply Suzanne ,

        There was an artist in Ottawa Canada 30 years ago who did similar work but on a plaster background. I have a few of her pieces hanging. Lauries works have always been some of my favourites. Cynthia I am sorry about your friends… Face masks are number 1 and hand washing number 2. This will slow the spread and when there is a SAFE effective vaccine life will attempt to return to a normalcy that still wont be. BUT we will carry on ! Stay safe. and Thank you.

        • reply Laurie Mika ,

          Dear Cynthia,
          I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and the impact on your neighbors from Covid 19……and I so appreciate your kind words on today’s post. Creating art related to the pandemic is my way of “marking” this unprecedented event and it is what’s help keeping me sane during these times of uncertainty and fear. I know “this too shall pass” but not sure what the landscape looks like on the other side…..we are all forever changed.

          • reply Shirley ,

            May you find comfort knowing that your faithful readers care. Stay strong!

            • reply MLW ,

              While my heart isn’t golden, it goes out to you and yours. Images and facts help keep me on the straight and narrow.

              • reply trish ,

                with all this happening to you and still you think of us and give us strength — that’s amazing . . . thank you cynthia just wish i could give back even a fraction of what you’ve given so many of us

                • reply MaryEtta McGraw ,

                  Well said… Stay safe…

                  • reply Zoe Lewis ,

                    Cynthia, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s death and the grief, loss, and fear you are experiencing. We are all right there with you. We WILL get through this and I believe this collective grief will bring us together as a country and as a world. We are lucky to have art as a medium through which to express this turmoil we’re going through. Lots of love to you.

                    • reply Deborah ,

                      Hi Cynthia, I am usually not able to leave a comment here, hopefully this will get through. Thank You for all of the continued inspiration.
                      My Heart and Sincere wishes and Prayers for Comfort and Peace are going out for You and your friends and families that are having sickness and difficulties during this strange time.
                      You have helped me through some very difficult periods of my life. While my Father was on Hospice in the other room, sometimes my only consolation would be to escape into the fabulous images and links that you so graciously share with us. I will forever be grateful. He was my Hero and favorite person. I’m crying now because the pain is still raw. But I have the healing benefits of Art that are helping me get through it. Thank You ???

                      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                        What a lovely comment, Deborah. Much appreciated. CT

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