Buzzing with color

Angela Barenholtz grows her collections of masterpieces on

Israel’s Angela Barenholtz shows a large and growing collection of interpretations of famous paintings rendered in polymer on Flickr.

She’s refined and changed and expanded her painting techniques. Angela chops her clay into a terrazzo-like mix that buzzes with energy and color.

This latest is her rendition of a Paul Klee work and it popped up on her sparse Instagram site. You may want to follow along. Let’s hope she keeps moving in this direction. It’s the bomb!

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    Cynthia, I really enjoy you spotlighting PC artists. Not only are your articles inspirational, but they often lead to enjoyably lengthy internet searches on all sorts of topics. Case in point, your article featuring Angela Barenholtz lead me to her Flikr page and from there to learning about Magritte’s work. Keep up the good work.

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