Picking up where I left off

Cynthia Tinapple dusts off old bowls and adds new on PolymerClayDaily
Cynthia Tinapple dusts off old bowls and adds new on PolymerClayDaily

This Mendocino bowl brings back memories. I made it while on vacation with friends in California some years back.

I loved that walnut bowl and its polymer inlaid pattern. The photo is being used to promote an upcoming exhibit of works by seven black and seven white artists.

I decided to revive these lively stripes on a new bowl. Finally, I’m tackling the stack of polymer-ready bowls turned by my husband. The bowls languished in my studio while life got strange and creativity waned.

I’m excited (and nervous). Can I do it again? Come back next week to see. Can you tell that I’m forcing myself to finish this project?

Hold me to it.

  • reply Sherry ,

    What do you do for prep? Do you coat the wood with PVC glue or anything before adhering the clay? The results are stunning!

    • reply Beverly Poitier-Henderson ,

      Oh Cynthia the work is stunning. But the best part for me is when you said, “ …while life got strange and creativity waned.” I find myself in the same boat. I’ll follow your progress and take inspiration from it.

      • reply Jeff Dever ,

        I’m sure you’ve got this Cynthia! Now, just relax and enjoy the ride. Can’t wait to see the new one. They’re beautiful with a perfect combination of contrasting textures, colors and detail.–Have fun!

        • reply Laurie Mika ,

          Cynthia, your bowls are truly incredible and I am so glad to see you have returned to them after your creative slump. The upcoming exhibit is a great motivator and your inclusion in it will be a most welcome addition because your bowls are so unique and original . Brava!

          • reply Marsha Markle ,

            Looking forward to watching your journey and celebrating the results.

            • reply Sally ,

              I love the original and am looking forward to how your growth over the intervening years will influence mark2! Have fun and be grateful for such a useful husband ??

              • reply Donna ,

                Cynthia, I have no doubt that your creative mojo will flourish again once you take clay to hand. Enjoy the journey! So looking forward to what comes next.

                • reply Janet Kennedy ,

                  Cynthia, did you finish your bowl last September? I didn’t see any follow-up.

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