Long ago and before hearts

Dayle Doroshow or Ron Lehocky? The answer may surprise you on PolymerClayDaily.com https://wp.me/pegT3-7pB

When Ron Lehocky asked me several years ago who made this dotted square pin that I was wearing, I replied confidently, “Dayle Doroshow.” He corrected me. “I made that,” he said. This is a Ron Lehocky collector’s item!

Long ago and far away when Ron first started dipping into polymer, he made pins that weren’t heart-shaped and weren’t made from others’ scraps. That was 51,000 hearts ago! Hard to believe he’s raised that much for The Kids’ Center for Pediatric Therapies!

Ron pointed me to his 2015 tutorial on PCD that shows how to turn a heart into a Christmas tree. That was from when he had made a mere 30,000 hearts.

Oh, and Dayle Doroshow? She’s lived and taught in France (and Florida) for the past twenty years. And now she’s written a book about her art and life there. Time flies!


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    Cynthia, thanks so much for the shout-out! How is it possible that twenty years has gone by. My first encounter with polymer clay was with Tory Hughes in 1994. My incredible time with Gwen Gibson- creator of La Cascade and who made my life possible in France- started in 2003. These two are treasured mentors to me and also many thanks for ALL you have given to our community. Thank you.

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