Christmas mystery solved

Cynthia discovers matching earrings from Karen McCorkle in her Christmas collection on PolymerClayDaily

As I layered up for the snow today, I figured out why I had these plain Jane earrings in my collection.

They’re the companions for this Karen McCorckle beautifully caned angel pin that I love. Oh, that goes back a couple of interesting decades!

Karen told us that she conditioned clay when she went to the movies with her family. In the darkened theatre, she could twist and knead the stiff version of polymer that we used back then. Her production schedule was so tight that she couldn’t waste any time.

Can anyone update us on Karen?

  • reply Mary ,

    I would love to find Karyn McCorkle and her work. She is an absolutely amazing polymer artist. I bought a piece from her back in the mid 90s at the War Eagle fair in Arkansas. I have looked for her over the years and cannot find her. I’m so happy to see her mentioned here.

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